Final Thoughts and Further Reading

None of this is going to go the way you’re expecting. It’s going to be loud, and there will be paint on the floor and chase games throughout the school and shouting when you request focus and squabbles about whose turn it is and meetings where it feels like nobody's paying attention and rainy afternoons where you’re all getting under each other's’ skin. Don’t let any of that deter you. Remember that growth happens in upward spirals, that the school year is long, and that the whole self you bring to school is valid, even when you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. You are not alone in this journey - the ALC network is full of ALFs who have grappled with the same questions, concerns, and frustrations. Don’t be afraid to reach out via Slack, facilitation calls, blog posts, or at ALF Summer trainings. Keep in mind that this is a living document. Invent new tools and practices where they’re needed. Change things that aren’t working. Listen for what your humans need. Be agile.

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